Cameracraft – the best magazine for photographers

Where did proper photo magazines go? There’s one still standing! Cameracraft is a substantial read with superb images and repro. It’s not an obscure art fest either. Every two months it’s a shot of inspiration, with solid technical content, and it’s written by experts not interns.

Cameracraft sets a standard big commercial publishing groups just can’t match. Here’s a comment from Niall Benvie, featured in Issue 33 – “I’m really impressed with the repro – better than in anything other than Naturfoto from Tecklenborg.” It’s aimed at enthusiasts, freelances, students, aspiring and working professionals.

Cameracraft is not available in shops. It is mailed exclusively to subscribers. Although there is advertising in the magazine, this does not drive the content – it is published for the readers and you are our ‘angels’!


Cameracraft  is a top quality A4 magazine printed to art book quality with a matt laminated cover and perfect bound flat spine. Posting a single copy by Royal Mail to some countries can cost over £10. Subscriptions whether overseas or UK are all now despatched by Royal Mail and start with the latest issue in print, or the next if due very shortly.

You can order the latest copy out now – by mail for £8.50 including 1st class post (UK):

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You can find our Back Issue stock listed by the year on this page

Use our Paypal subscription below to get a special price annual subscription rate (saving £16.50 UK, pro rata for other areas) on your new favourite photo magazine!

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You can of course read Cameracraft on Apple, Kindle, Microsoft, Google and any PDF reader through our Pocketmags single issue or subscription offers. From under £1 a month, it’s a great way to get the magazine even before the posted copies hit the doormat and have instant access to all your back issues in future.

Cordex Binder

Cameracraft Binder

Holds 12 of the original series, or eight of the current larger editions. Black textured finish, marbled inner, cord spine binder mechanism, metallic silver embossed Cameracraft logo. Prices include VAT where applicable, and postage, untracked.

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Cameracraft the original quarterly

Icon’s exclusive quarterly magazine, Cameracraft ran from 2012 to 2015You can read a complete digital three year 528-page volume of Cameracraft now for a one-off payment of just £10 on YUDU:

Advertising enquiries: to [email protected]more information here.

54 Responses to Cameracraft – the best magazine for photographers

  1. Dave Meadows says:

    Looking forward to your magazine. When can we expect to be able to download for a fee all copies of your publications? Subscriptions do not work coming to Canada or USA from Britain we are lucky if half of the magazines get through! Canada post and US Postal service blame the British postal service for the non delivery, and of course Royal Mail blames the overseas carriers. Last time I subscribed to Cameracraft I only got one issue in a full year!

    • admin says:

      Dave – we have occasional problems with specific addresses in the US and Canada, but to give you an idea, it’s limited to maybe five or six address in several hundred, each year. We find that those specific addresses just don’t get their mail from us. We will be launching an App for Apple, Android, Windows and all available platforms for all our magazines very shortly, even for Cameracraft. We will also be offering various special publications and e-books through this system.

  2. Frank Emery says:

    I am enjoying Cameracraft, but my impression is that f2 might be aimed more at the “professional” photographer than me.
    Frank Emery

    • admin says:

      Frank, you may be right in that respect. Certainly over the last few years f2 has been biased towards the assignment/commission/job aspect of photography. That’s not really where it started, and I intend to put more of the exhibition/contest/stock/travel/art side back into it. The new content will be much more varied and more relevant to enthusiasts.

  3. Bryan says:

    I missed the original f2 and gave up my subscription some time ago. Glad to see it back in safe hands; my (re)subscription has just been made and confirmed.

  4. Peter Yeo says:

    Good to see a returning magazine with the Kilpatricks at the helm, I’ve always been a fan of their knowledgeable and authoritative articles. Looking forward to getting the first issues. Peter Yeo FRPS

  5. Well Done I have just Downloaded F2 onto my IPad Great Please when will we be able to Download CameraCraft and Master Photography too

    • admin says:

      The other magazines’ first app issues are still ‘pending approval’ – by Apple, I think, before they can go live.

  6. gegjr says:

    Just subscribed to f2. I look forward to enjoying the magazine.

  7. Dave says:

    I`m a forum member of Photoclubalpha under the user name,SwanseaDave.

    Somehow my password no longer works and I can find no other way of requesting help from David Kilpatrick.

    • admin says:

      Your password has been reset – sorry about the delay, no access to this function when travelling, and been fully occupied for two weeks since return, now back on web matters etc as from tomorrow.

  8. Richard Wright says:

    Hi, I am trying to subscribe to your magazines but when I click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button for Master Photography PayPal returns an error message advising that there is an error with your site. Are you aware of this and is there a fix? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      The code has been replaced now and appears to be working. Sorry that the price has been revised to add 70p, this is in order to be absolutely clear at our end what product is ordered. Thanks for letting me know, if you order I will add a back issue for you f.o.c. for your help.

  9. Richard Wright says:

    Following on from the above I thought I’d quickly let you know that I successfully subscribed to Master Photography on 08/09/14. Thanks for the kind offer of the additional magazine too 🙂

    I also want to subscribe to F2 but I have already bought the current issue (Sep/Oct 14) – when would you suggest that I subscribe so that I do not receive this issue again?

    Thanks, R

  10. Zbigniew Skiba says:

    I subsribed to f2 few months ago, and first issue of my subscription (September-October 2014) arrived shortly after. Today, checking your website I can see January-February 2015 is already out, but I am still waiting for November-December issue…
    Is it because I am in Canada, I may not receive it, or should I patiently wait?

  11. Lawrence says:

    It appears you are not paying for use of photos in your magazines.

    • admin says:

      Quite correct – we don’t. Nor do any of our competitors, to my regret, and when I suggested to one well-known editor seeking free images on Facebook that he should offer subscriptions in return, I got a personal message back saying ‘that will never happen’ and asking me not to talk about such things in public. We actually do offer a year’s subscription for every gallery use in Cameracraft, and yours was overlooked, I’m sorry, along with all the others as I now work alone producing 16 magazines a year without any staff (even secretarial) and do everything down to taking the envelopes to the post. In f2, we offer a £30 voucher provided by One Vision Imaging for lab servics, for every pictures used in the reader gallery. I’m sending you the copy of the CC No9 issue and a year to follow, as we normally do for picture uses. As you may know, I write for the BJP. Guess what? They pay no image fees. Not for portfolios, profiles, single uses, or for any images provided by their writers. They used to once, but now everyone’s images can be seen free all over the internet and no-one pays, how can a magazine compete with that when its costs are already thousands of times higher than internet publishers?

  12. Lawrence says:

    I wouldn’t offer them any pictures.
    Don’t suppose I could have F2 instead.The latest cover looks interesting.The link you show gives every single newsagent including my corner shops;I don’t even recall seeing it in WH Smith in town.
    Is it right that I need to pay about $80 to Vuescan to use my old scanner? Better than buying a cheap one which won’t become obsolete as quick?

  13. admin says:

    Certainly. I’ve sent you the Cameracraft the picture appears in, I thought you were a subscriber and then on checking see you had expired back at the start of 2013, and only got the copies sent to former Photoworld readers. I will send you f2 for a year. I am using Vuescan to run my Multi Pro scanner and it’s even working perfectly with Mac Yosemite and the scanner connected to Thunderbolt via a Firewire adaptor – that’s survival for you, ten years down the line. I have found Vuescan well worth the money, I paid for it once and their updates have always been prompt, not buggy, and free.

  14. Terry Goodfellow says:

    I have recently become an F2 subscriber and more recently Cameracraft. How does one access the F2 online editions from the EC1 Publishing days?

    • admin says:

      The domains and space were operated for EC1 by a London lab, which had not charged them ever for the renewals. They also failed to pass over anything to us, and in due course, all our original f2 pre-EC1 and all EC1’s content has been lost. We no longer have any website and the domains have been grabbed by the usual squatters, though we are taking action to find out exactly how and why they were abandoned. It’s frustrating because we charged EC1 for the handover of fully working websites, and they charged us the same to hand back what they had done with the sites, but in effect we never got the same handover as they didn’t actually control their own space. The app and PDF issues are still all there on but whether we can recover the original Icon content 1999 to 2007, or the EC1 content 2011 to 2013, is uncertain. I have a full archive of but it was a custom written CMS not something like WordPress, and to restore it to a server, I need to hire the original author of the CMS.

  15. Lawrence says:

    David,I have to tell you that I have received 2 copies of Cameracraft.
    What is your opinion of the Sony DSC-H400? I was fed up of my Alpha 100 with 16-105’s weight and decided on a bridge camera that could take filters.The Lumix FZ200 seemed best but then Sony offered a refurbished 400 at £116 and it did quite well on the Gadget Show so I took the plunge.Not built for speed….strange when viewfinder goes dark even though flash is on.

  16. John Cartmell says:

    I think I must have been one of the last small magazine editors (not photography – the squeeze came to us all) to pay for content. It’s just one of the things that leads to publications closing.

    • admin says:

      I still pay for some content – mostly, commissioning writers, not for photograph repro. The issue is that almost every single image I use has already been published on-line in some way, free, often by the image owner/maker. No-one ever offers exclusive or first use, and they certainly don’t want to wait weeks to appear in print – people publish their work the day they shoot and process it!

  17. Margie says:

    Do you have an electronic version of this magazine/

  18. Jerome Yeats says:

    Mr Kilpatrick, pushing the new Voigtlander lenses, 10mm 12mm and 15mm is all very well but very few pros will pay silly money for lenses that (mostly) take gimmicky images. I have just paid £250 for a Canon 70-200mm f4 lens (mint) from a pawn shop. I am a pro but I would blanche at paying north of £700 for a 35mm lens however extreme. I happen to have bought a new Sony A7 plus 3rd party grip recently as a good deal and all I can say is I have never felt such an awful handling camera. Canon has nothing to fear. Regards Jerome Yeats,

    • admin says:

      Gimmicky images? Well, the 12mm has been around for about 15 years I think, rather like Sigma’s 12-24mm zoom. That lens paid for itself many times over and I’ve never been without a lens covering a 120° angle since. It’s essential, just like owning a 65mm Super Angulon used to be when we used Sinar 5 x 4, or owning a Hasselblad SWC once was – only more so. These lenses are technically exceptional and it’s not to with extremes, just to do with being able to photograph what you would otherwise not be able to. The A7 is indeed a horrible wee camera, the A7R was not much better (except in materials) but the mark II models are entirely different. They all still have the basic weakness of a four-point fixing for the lens mount, when six screws result in a much more stable mounting. I just bought an A7 as well, £399 mint, and it will do just fine in the studio.

  19. Mark Allen says:

    I would like to cancel my subscription to f2Cameracraft, I can’t see how to do this from the website, please advise.

    • admin says:

      You can email [email protected], or use Paypal’s options to do so if you subscribed using Paypal. Subscriptions can be cancelled or taken out by telephone too, but it’s a matter of luck catching me as we no longer have a dedicated subs line/secretarial services for this.

  20. Charles Naylor says:

    Is it possible to buy back issues of F2? There was an article about a book I was in and I would like to buy several copies.

  21. Mark Allen says:

    Hi guys,

    I cancelled my subscription a while back and haven’t received a copy of Cameracraft for a long time. To my surprise the Sept/Oct 2016 edition arrived today. You may want to check your records.

    Mark Allen
    (There a code on the package saying 30304, if this is any help)

    • admin says:

      From time to time we mail a copy to former UK subscribers and send an email reminder. We have usually got about 50 ‘spare slots’ on the UK bulk mailing which cost us nothing to use, it does not mean you have been charged, or that it will happen very often!

  22. Avril Jones says:

    How many issues of the new Cameracraft magazine have there been so far? I want to subscribe but I can’t find any info on back issues to date and don’t want to miss any.

    • admin says:

      Sorry about the delay in replying – for some reason, the site has stopped notifying new comments via email to me, which I will look into. We combined f2 Freelance Photographer and Cameracraft in Nov/Dec 2015 but this was still officially f2 Freelance Photographer (ISSN). The Cameracraft logo became larger in Sept/Oct 2016 and we officially switched round to the magazine being Cameracraft in Nov/Dec 2016 (the cover with the black and white nude) and changed to the ISSN of the original quarterly Cameracraft. So, we had 12 quarterly issues 2012-2015 during which period f2 Freelance Photographer was returned to us. We intended to merge them immediately but the outgoing publisher and our news distributors were against this. It’s taken until a year after the end of the first Cameracraft series to complete this. There have now been two of the new series, No 13 and No 14 which is the issue that has just gone on sale, Jan/Feb 2017.

  23. philekelly says:


    I am a subscriber and enjoy the magazine.

    I also bought an annual subscription for a friend as a christmas present but do not want this to auto renew as a payment.

    How can I achieve?

    I don’t want to put details on a public forum.

    • admin says:

      You email [email protected] giving the email address which you used to pay Paypal for the sub, and ask for the continuation to be cancelled. We then do this for you at Paypal. You can also do so directly in Paypal but it’s maybe easier for us to find the transaction and update the database at the same time.

  24. philekelly says:

    January 27, 2017 at 10:57 am

    I am a subscriber and enjoy the magazine.

    I also bought an annual subscription for a friend as a christmas present. The mags should be going to :
    Mr & Mrs J Ward
    10 Larpent Avenue
    SW15 6UP

    None received to date. Is there problem?

  25. Donald MAK says:

    I was an international subscriber and enjoyed the magazines (both f2 Cameracraft and Master Photography), but since I renewed my subscription in August last year, I had not received any hardcopies since. Icon Publications had tried to give me online copies for the past few issues, but I got no reply for the recent issue. Today, I had terminated my subscription. The magazines are good but I felt sorry about the poor service.


    • admin says:

      Donald, we have refunded your sub. It’s cost me almost as much as the value of the sub sending copies by Royal Mail to try to ensure your address actually gets a delivery. Every single time, you’ve said nothing has been delivered, and we have checked and double-checked your address. So it is easier here simply to refund your entire year’s sub and not to attempt to send magazines to an address which, for whatever reason, creates a non-delivery problem which costs us more. We depend on bulk mailing to make the international subscriptions viable as a single magazine sent to Hong Kong costs us almost £10 in postage without any means to track or confirm delivery – that’s what a 350g magazine now costs to mail by printed paper or large letter rate.

      • Donald Mak says:

        David, I am a fair guy and do not want to take advantages of anyone. Since you had provided me with a few soft copies of the magazines, please let me know the charges of these soft copies and I will pay for these copies. Regarding services, I had sent you a number of emails asking for the soft copies over the past few weeks since I had not received hard copies, but you seemed to ignore my emails. Maybe you have other reasons of not replying. If I am wrong, I am happy to apologise for my comment.


        • admin says:

          No need Donald. We get more emails than I can reasonably deal with and this is a one-man business in practical terms. We’re working on a survival strategy as it’s pretty tough dealing with the loss of £60,000 worth of business on another magazine. That has been a preoccupation.

  26. Mike Murphy says:

    Hallo, yesterday I subscribed for the (European) version of CameraCraft. When can I expect to start getting digital access (I don’t really understand the tie-in with pocketmags)? And will I get the May/June 2018 issue as part of the deal? It was the desire to read what Gary Friedman had written about the Godox wireless flash system that inspired my purchase.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike – your magazine in on the way, and we will have further coverage of the Godox kit in future. The magazine is mailed on the cover date so May/June for example went out a month ago. The Pocketmags app editions are released at the same time and cover iOS, Android, Kindle etc. We also make a free digital version available in the second month of publication – four or five weeks after publication. Sometimes this means that offers or news, or diary dates, are out of date but usually anyone reading the free version has a week or two of currency. This issue, we’ve released the free to read one early because of GDPR which means we can’t circulate the details to our full mailing list after May 25th (in theory). Here is the link opening to Gary’s article –

  27. Steve Morton says:

    When will the Jan/Feb 2019 issue be sent out to subscribers?

    • admin says:

      January 2nd mailing is scheduled. We would have liked to be earlier but six weeks of hospital runs have delayed me by a week. All going to target now and the issue looks good.

      • Steve Morton says:

        Great – looking forward to it!

      • Mike Murphy says:

        worth waiting for! Get well soon (if it was you going to hospital). -or best wishes for whoever you were taking.

        • admin says:

          No Mike, it’s Shirley, and were it not for Anglo-Dutch research into genetically targeted oral chemotherapy, it would be far worse. Her background is in sciences and she is as much in control of this as anyone ever could be. Only three weeks in and nothing is predictable or certain, but so far remarkable progress, confidence and well-being.

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