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The primary business of Icon is as a publisher, in print and digital media. The delivery of published material may be open, as with magazines and literature sold by retail or given away, without our having any information about the reader. It can also be directly delivered or made available by a link or subscription which is specific to one individual, normally either an email address or a physical mailing address.

Open and free access to published material is given through,, and together with any web domains redirected to one of these sites – for example, which redirects to Registration of a user may be needed in order to comment on posts or participate in forum discussion. When registering, users can opt to receive email notification of new articles or discussion. This is an automated process, under the control of the user. No other use is made of this data and it is not shared with any third parties.

All Icon websites are currently hosted on https enabled servers with a high level of security.

Directly delivered printed magazines requires Icon to hold your name and address, the date you started or renewed a subscription, how much was paid, whether or not it is a single year or annually renewing, the subscription end or renewal point, and the payment method. We no longer retain credit card records or offer credit auto renewal subscriptions, these are now all handled by Paypal and we have no access to bank or card details.

We don’t keep any other information, and it is all under personal control of the publisher (David Kilpatrick). The computers and network used are tested as secure and conform to WorldPay requirements, a rigorous annual and ongoing test against vulnerability. We do not store any reader/customer data remotely except our Mailchimp list, website sign-ins for forums or commenting, Facebook connections and the records maintained by Paypal, eBay, Apple, Amazon, ISSUU, Yudu and other digital content delivery.

If you have been a subscriber or other customer in the last six years, we may contact you about anything relevant, such as a renewal offer, without needing a new opt-in. If you are a current subscriber we will retain your records for seven years to comply with tax/auditing. If you were last a subscriber more than six years ago on May 25th 2018 we can only contact you after this date through our GDPR compliant email list – to receive future newsletters and offers subscribe below.

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