For Sale

July 7th 1996
Commodore Amiga 1200 with colour monitor, external disk drive, games and WP software, 120 Mbyte internal HD. Ideal for video production, can be used as a serious computer. 320 ovno. Amiga CDTV, Based on 1Mbyte A500 but very nice black CD player style casing and black keyboard. As new, hardly used 120. Both for 425 with linkup to allow CD use on 1200.
[email protected]
July 7th 1996
For Sale, misc. items... All in 'As New' condition except where stated otherwise. Post included on all except darkroom kit.
Contact John Fryatt, tel: 0181 478 1803, e-mail: [email protected]
July 7th 1996
IKELITE SUBSTROBE 150's FOR SALE I am a professional underwater photographer living on Maui. I have several used Ikelite 150 substrobes for sale. Two are fairly new and two others have been serviced recently by Ikelite. I am selling them for $450.00 with ni-cad pack and 4hr quick charger. I would replace any of them that were found to not be working properly, for the first thirty days of use. Thanks and aloha.
David Fleetham: phone 808-874-9354, fax 808-874-5599, e-mail [email protected]t
July 7th 1996
Pentax LX grip wanted. Please state price. Bob Walkden [email protected]
July 7th 1996
Mamiya 645 things wanted; 2X converter, bellows, Pro body, 150mm lense wanted by enthusiastic but impecunious amateur, please email prices and descriptions to [email protected]
July 7th 1996
Minolta X-9 and X-300 bodies, 24/2.8, 28/3.5, 35/2.8, 45/2, 50/1.7, 100/2.5, 200/3.5 lenses, autowinder, filters and camera bag. All in as new condition. #600 ono or will sell items separately.
e-mail [email protected].
July 7th 1996
Background Support System - 2 stands, crosspoles, 1/2 roll blue paper, grey cloth background and Lastolite Island Vignette Tobago Background 3.5m x 3.0 m (Cost 150 unused) All above for 150
Lastoloite Halo Mono 45" Universal Softbox Cost 80 accept 40
Andrew P. Ripley UK (0) (+44) 1430-441759) No E-Mail Address as yet
July 7th 1996
I have the following equipment for sale, currency in US DOLLARS, ex Singapore, without freight which shall be borne by buyer.
Novoflex 400 f 5.6 complete but without camera mount - $300.00
Leica 135 Tele Elmar f4 - $250.00
Please email me at [email protected]
July 7th 1996
JOBO CPE2 Plus with film tank and print drum good condition.
100 reply by E.Mail [email protected] or on (0) (+44) 1375 391701 (Essex, UK)
July 7th 1996
For Sale, 6x9 Super Rollex Back for 5x4, almost unused, sensible offers, or swap for good working post war 6x9 folder or similar.
Tom Addison, [email protected] or Tel (0) (+44) 1392-420694 (evening)
July 7th 1996
Pentacon 6 body with TTL Metered Haed and Waist-Level Finder. Lens includes 80mm f/2.8 Biometar, 50mm f/4 Flektogon and 120mm f/2.8 Biometar Accessories include flash shoe, eye cup, case for the camera, a complete sets of auto extension tubes and instruction book(in German). The above camera is equiped with a rare split-image screen. For the whole outfit asking for #620. A very good price for a complete set of german classic medium-format!!!

Canon EF manual body equipped with a very rare auto adapter to take Rollei lens which give you much better results than the Canon Lens. Lens include Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Planar (German) and Carl Zeiss 135mm f/4 Tele-tessar (German). Dream combination: Better lens on stronger body!!! Outfit price will be #420!!! No offer!!

For the above ads, my contact e-mail adds. is : [email protected] I live in central London. Wing-Tsan Lam

July 7th 1996
Bronica EC/TL with 80mm 2.8 zenzanon, WLF and 120 back,boxed and with manual 390 pounds sterling. Prism finder for same camera with its case and box, 75 pounds sterling. Consider p/exch for canon EOS or classic Nikon.
01753-773841 evenings. Hardev Pandha
March 29th 1996
MAMIYA RB67 50mm Lens (470 GB pounds) & 250mm Lens (500 GB pounds) (Including VAT @ 17.5 per cent not applicable to overseas) Both in excellent Order. No Offers.
e-mail kenny on [email protected]
March 29th 1996
BROOKS VERIWIDE with rare 47mm/f5.6 Schneider Super Angulon, includes 21mm optical finder, 120/220 Brooks back (6x9 format), and graflok back and ground glass focusing panel with folding hood. Accepts Graflex XL Polaroid back and Horseman or Graflex rollfilm holders. Excellent condition, private party, California, USA. Asking $1400.00 US + shipping if overseas. Inquiries: Michael Buchmeier [email protected]
March 29th 1996
Telex C140 AUDIO/VUE slide-sync cassette player for use with Kodak slide projector to advance slides using cued audio cassettes. $200us. Call Bill Curtis @(704)665-1687 - Asheville, N.C., USA.
March 29th 1996
MEDIUM FORMAT equipment for sale: (2) Bronica ETR bodies (rough but working condition), various 120 and 220 backs, (1) AE Finder (good), (1) AE Finder (ugly - no meter), (2) 75mm lens (average), Speed Grip (average), Speed Grip (release broken, use as handle or hot shoe only unless repaired).
Bronica SQAM (excellent), (1) 80mm S lens (good -excellent), (1) 150mm S lens (excellent), (2) 6x6 backs (excellent), (1) Prism S finder (excellent).
(1) Bronica GS1 camera (excellent), (1) Bronica GS1 camera (never used), (2) 6x6 220 backs (excellent), (1) 6x7 film back (excellent), (1) GS1 speed flash (never used), (1) GS1 100mm lens (excellent)
(2) RB67 bodies (one good, one hardly used), (1) 90mm lens, (1) 180 lens, (1) Prism finder. All RB equipment in good condition. Scratches on prism finish but otherwise perfect.
I am not a dealer, just a professional that has purchase too many cameras! The GS equipment has been used only a few times. I use these cameras once a week at weddings. Please let me know if you have an interest in any item. I am interested in selling complete sets only.
My e-mail address is: [email protected]
March 26th 1996
Rather rare Zoomar 40 inch (1016mm) f:8 Reflectar with Thermax mount. Custom made Nikon focusing mount. Lens is clean 8 plus to 9 with custom case. $2,700 shipping.
Jim Headley
Atchison, Kansas USA
e-mail [email protected]
March 26th 1996
Durst Printo color print processor for sale (no longer needed). MINT condition. "Printo Basic" includes introunit, 2 tanks, 2 energy therms, street price new is $1800+. Color prints up to 11"x14". Process your own custom prints at home! Offer includes Printo Basic + 1 additional tank, never used, total value $2300 (US). Asking $1250 (US), plus C.O.D. shipping. Make an offer! E-mail to [email protected] or visit web site ""
March 26th 1996
Beseler PrintMaker Dichro 35 color enlarger for sale (no longer needed). MINT condition. Street Price new is $400+ (US). Will sell for $200 (US) + C.O.D. shipping. Includes 50mm Beslar lens, lensboard and negative carrier. E-mail to [email protected] or visit web site "".
March 26th 1996
Contax Yashica fit SIGMA 75-300 apochromatic f4.5-5.6 boxed and mint, hardley used at all, 135 pounds sterling . CONTAX Zeiss planar 50mm 1.4 AE lens, mint minus condition, 90 pounds sterling. Yashica ML 21mm f3.5 superwide mint minus condition, and also little used 150 pounds sterling. Please ring eves 01753-773 841. Hardev Pandha [email protected]
January 20th 1996
Fuji GSW690 III Fabulous medium-format (6x9cm) fixed-lens manual rangefinder with super-quality wide-angle lens. I bought this dream camera last year, then didn't use it even once. It is in new condition. $900, a $250 savings over the lowest advertised retail, [email protected]
January 20th 1996
Collectors item. Yashica "atoron ultra miniature camera" from 1968. Excellent condition (never used, belonged to a recently deceased relative). Complete with flash bulb attachement, filters and two unopened film cartridges. All in a original black box with velvet lining. Price: around 150, [email protected]
January 20th 1996
Nikon Back
Brand new MF-21 multi-control data back for Nikon F-801 (N 8008).
Excellent condition.

Offers - E-mail to [email protected]

Luiz Otavio Andrade
Rua Coronel Praes 349 / 301
Sagarad Familia - Belo Horizonte
CEP 31035-590

January 20th 1996
Praktica MTL-3 body plus 28mm/35mm/50mm/135mm(2of)/70-210 zoom/2Xconverter(2of)/bellows/cable release/many filters/camera bag/1600A flashgun.Perfect beginners kit.#150.00 contact Pete on address [email protected] [email protected]
January 20th 1996
Various Items
D. Franklin

Pentax MG mint/as new
Panagor 28 mm f2.8 pk
Pentax 50 mm f2 m
Vivitar 80-200 mm f4 pka
Sunpak 36 FD ded. flashgun
straps, flters, mauals etc
all in Jessops bag
tripod in bag

150 or will split

Telephone 01705 817426

January 20th 1996
Various Items

All equipment mint condition, amateur use only.

Nikon F90x & MB10
MF 26 Back
Nikkor 28-70 D Lens, f/3.5AF
Nikkor 70-210 D Lens, f/4-5.6AF
SB 24 Flash
SC 17 Lead
Nikkor 60mm AF Micro Lens
Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 Telephoto AF
Tokina 17mm f/3.5 manual focus
Tokina 400mm AF ATX f/5.6
Benbo Trekker Tripod, ball & socket head
Lastolite backgrounds, stands etc.

Contact Gerry on 012657 41725 (home)
or 01265 42354 (work, inc. Saturdays)

January 20th 1996
Various Items Harry Taylor
Intel DX50 (not DX2) CPU for IBM compatables
Vesa LB SVGA graphics card 1mb DRAM, 2mb
incl. drivers, manual (24 bit at 640 x 480 )
SCSI HBA host card for SYQUEST drive, incl. driver, manual.
[email protected][email protected]
January 20th 1996
My Book Collection

Available to a serious student or center. It contains about 300 books, with 100 monographs. I can email or fax you a listing. Artists include most notables from Adams, Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, to Weston, Van de Zee. Email me at [email protected] or phone 415/775-4443. I left the study ten years ago so my books are pre1985 and collectible.
[email protected]Cliff C. Cin, BSc.

December 4th 1995
Canon 1000FN (the one with built in flash) and Tamron 28-200 aspherical zoom lens for sale. Both are nearly new (only about 20 films), there is still 4 months to go on the guarantee, and both items come complete in their original boxes with manuals etc. The new price was 550. I want 375 or thereabouts for both. I don't want to split them. I live in Brighton on the southcoast of England. Kiran Reval, [email protected]
December 3rd 1995
For Sale: Ademco 1820 hardbed drymounting press. 300 UKP. Located in Tayside, Scotland. Phone John on (01356) 625384, or email at [email protected]. John Hendry
December 3rd 1995
For Sale: 2 Nikon F3HP bodies; 1 MD4 motor drive; 5 Nikkor lenses-200 mm f4, 135 mm f3.5, 85 mm f2, 55 mm micro f2.8, 35 mm f2.8 each with skylight filter and hood, all in fitted case. All mint or near mint. $2,200 (U.S). I'm in Riverside, Calif. [email protected] (wesley g. hughes)
December 3rd 1995
Bronica ETRS System, 2*120 backs, Polaroid back, 75mm EII lens, WLF and Plain Prism Finder E. All mint and boxed with instruction manuals. Light amateur use only. UKP 750 ono or consider swap P/Ex for slide scanner. Gordon Laurie. e-mail address [email protected] or phone 01292 317089
December 3rd 1995
Two Hasselblad cameras: 500 ELX (and charger), 80mm f2.8 CF* lens, A12 back, Prism with meter, Brightscreen, Lenshood, Softar II, Strap. 1,100.

500 CM, 80mm f2.8 CF* lens, A12 back, Waist level finder, Lenshood. 650.

Metz flashgun 45 CT5 75.

Other equipment includes, Multiblitz dia. duplicator (35mm), camera cases, filters 35mm and 120.

De-Vere 203 bench enlarger with Ilford multigrade 500c system. (To include 1000 sheets 10x8 multigrade paper) 850.

Ilford multigrade 400 systems (x2) 35mm to 120 and 35mm to 5x4. All systems include enlarger heads,power supply, control units and an assortment of mixing boxes and neg. carriers. 100 and 150 respectively.

Assorted darkroom equipment eg. Kodak safelights, Junghans timers, processing tanks (Kodak and Paterson), measuring cylinders, Ademco 30" trimmer, RRB.Enlarging easel, Thermometers, also assorted stock, film and paper.

All equipment is used and is in good to very good condition, offers invited.

Please contact Steve Bradwel.
Phone, work 0191 222 6000 ext.6696 home 0191 2632103 after 6.00pm.
or e-mail me c/o [email protected]

November 2nd 1995
Nikon F501 plus AF Nikkor 35-70mm f3.3-4.5 and MF Sigma 75-210mm f3.5-4.5 lenses. Also CF35 ever ready case and MC12-A remote release. Looking for around 350 for the kit. Wife won't let me buy a Tamron 200-400mm for my new F90X until this lot is sold.
Steve Langley, Tullan Associates, Chinley, Derbyshire, UK
[email protected]
November 2nd 1995
Harness to convert a Billingham bag into a backpack. Suits 225,335,445 models. New, never used. 20 pounds. Pentax 67 wooden handgrip. New, never used, boxed. 35 pounds. Hoya 67mm circular polarising filter. New, never used, boxed. 35 pounds. Canon T90 case, as new, 20 pounds. Canon F-1 (old) case, excellent condition, 10 pounds. Canon Strap L-1 (for New F-1), boxed. 4 pounds. Grid focusing screen for Pentax MX, in case. 5 pounds. Plus a contribution towards postage. E-mail to [email protected] for more info. (or to buy!)
November 2nd 1995
Nikon AIS lenses: 35mm f2.8 in mint minus condition, 120 pounds sterling and 85mm f2 in mint minus condition 190 pounds sterling. Also speedlite SB 15 with wide angle diffuser in mint condition 75 pounds sterling. Contact me via E mail if interested. H S Pandha.

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