Special deal Cameracraft readers UK

You can receive your new f2 Cameracraft six times a year for the same original annual UK subscription as you paid for Cameracraft quarterly!


Magazine choice

This is a great deal as you get six issues a year, worth £35.70 newsagent price, for only £20 when you set up a Paypal subscription. You can also get the same deal on an annual payment* by your credit card, by downloading this PDF form and emailing or posting a signed scan/print. Special offer PDF. And you’ll find a really great deal to add Master Photography if you need a 100% professional title as well, both together for only £40 a year, saving £43.40 – a top quality photographic magazine delivered to you every month for under half price, six issues of f2 Cameracraft and six issues of Master in the months between.

* If you cancel the authority within two months of subscribing you’ll receive four issues only. 

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