2012-15 Cameracraft completion offer

If you have issues of the original quarterly 2012-2015 Cameracraft missing, you can order them from the back issues page.

We have a special offer for UK readers whose subscription ended with issue 8 and was not renewed (all were sent issue 10 as a reminder). You can order issues 9, 11 and 12 for just £10 including post while back issue stocks last.

Cameracraft 3 back issue pack

You may, as an alternative, receive these three issues free when you take out a subscription to f2 magazine which is incorporating Cameracraft from the next issue due out in October. The cost through newsagents is £5.95 per issue, or £35.70 a year. Direct UK postal subscriptions are £29.70 per year. If you subscribe here, we will send you your missing final year Cameracraft issues free of charge. This subscription price will be held for three years – to cancel, use Paypal or inform us before the subscription is due.

f2 subscription with free Cameracraft 3 back issue pack

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