About Icon Publications Ltd

Icon Publications Ltd
Maxwell Place
Maxwell Lane
Scottish Borders TD5 7BB
Tel 01573 226032
email: [email protected]

Icon Publications Ltd was founded in 1987 by David & Shirley Kilpatrick to publish photographic magazines and has done so ever since. Icon currently publishes ƒ2 Freelance Photographer, Master Photography and until September 2015 also published Cameracraft which is now being combined with f2.

Icon currently operates a number of websites.

PhotoclubAlpha is our website for owners of the Sony Alpha and former Minolta/Konica-Minolta camera systems

dPhotoExpert, a site for articles and news about photography

Master Photography, the website for our magazine of the same name

You can view and subscribe to on-line magazine editions here:

Pocketmags on-line apps and PDF downloads

We also operate Troubadour UK, our site for sales of musical instruments. Currently only the Xaphoon is offered by mail.


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  1. Jerry Lebowitz says:

    I currently subscribe to your wonderful magazine f2. I am in need of more binders since the one that I have is full. How may I order more of them? I reside in the U.S.A.

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