f2 Cameracraft and Master Photography apps

Electronic versions of f2 Freelance Photographer, Cameracraft, and Master Photography can be found at the following URLs via mobile/tablet devices –


Pocketmags website – version suitable for Macs, earlier Windows PCs, and all PDF compatible reading

iTunes – Apple iTunes Newsstand, app for iPhone, iPad etc

Android / Google – like Apple, only crunchier and with more pips

Windows Pocketmags App – check for versions which work with Windows 8, 10 etc

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3 Responses to f2 Cameracraft and Master Photography apps

  1. jeremy hemming says:

    F2 not received
    paid £15 0n 9 April
    address 7 Emmerton court, Wynter st, SW11 2DJ

    • admin says:

      On the way. Royal Mail fail, serious for us, but the magazines are now definitely due to be delivered by Thursday to UK readers.

  2. Chris Barnes says:

    So far all my issues have arrived promptly. Your publication and paper is top quality.
    I think you should publish an article about how you produce the magazine with photos, good human interest.
    Perhaps you should just advertise in all the local shops and rely on your online location finder to direct people to the shop for those who want to actually buy them one at a time? Click and collect? It is usually much easier to park near them than go into town to the high street stores anyway! Subscription is much easier though.
    I like the tests and variety, keep it coming!

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